1. Please read & agree the ToS entirely and carefully. I will refuse your commission if you do not agree to these terms.
2. Describe to me what the artwork consists of. Your commission details are greatly appreciated, remember that the more details given, the better your artwork will be (examples that you can detail: color palette, reference images, pose). 
3. If your commission is accepted, I will notify you of the total cost and then send you an invoice.
4. Once payment is approved, a spot will be reserved on the waiting list with an estimated date. From this point on, the commission begins.
5. A few days before starting your commission I will notify you!
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________OPEN // SELECTIVE

🔗 Arklys Commission Form

🔗 Queue status ​​​​​​​
✦ The prices listed are in USD!
✦ Payment must be received in full before I start the commission.
✦ I only accept payment plans if the amount of the order exceeds 500USD.
✦ You are expected to continuously pay the agreed installments without being reminded until the full amount is paid in full.

✦ There will be an added cost of 5% aprox to the total sum to cover for the Paypal transaction fees. 
✦ 25% Extra to the total sum if it is a priority commission. 
✦ 25% Extra to the total sum for privacy fee commission.
✦ Commercial fees usually are x2 the total value depending on what the order consists of. This may vary. *
✦ The payments can be done either through Paypal or Binance (USDT Tether & BTC). 

✦ There are NO refunds. 
✦ The prices are not negotiable. 
✦ Due to the digital nature of this file, all purchases are final. Refunds and exchanges will not accepted, so please consider the product carefully before placing your order. 
✦ If for some reason your PayPal account is not working properly or authorizes a refund request without your knowledge, you should contact me as soon as possible to resolve the problem.
✦ Always contact me first if you have any problems with your order.
✦ Any references and/or images are greatly appreciated and the more detailed your explanation of what you want the better it´ll be done. 
✦ I don't draw meme emotes. 

✦ Keep in mind my drawing style before asking for commissions. I have the right to reject them if I am not comfortable with the request or if it does not conform to my style. 
✦ I will notify you when your commission begins, and you can request a WIP (work in process) from it (I love to spam the process hahaha). 
✦ You can change the ideas/references of ​​the emotes/Illustration/vtuber as long as I have not started the sketch process. Once started, minimal changes can be requested, such as subtle changes of expressions, hairstyles, etc. When the line art is finished, the stage of requesting changes is closed. 
✦ Once I have finished the commission and you request a change that has not been clarified in the information when requesting it, it will be charged. 
✦ I am allowed to post the artworks on my social media unless stated in the request. Additional privacy fee of 25% to the total of your commission. I reserve the right to stream the process (at unless otherwise discussed.  
✦ Reposting the comish is fine, just include credit to my social media. 
✦ I reserve the right to publish your finished Showcase in my gallery for any reason. Of course, I will respect the Client's wishes to keep the work private until its "debut". This will be discussed in advance. Privacy rights have an additional charge of 25%. 
✦ To give credit in Twitch pannels you can copypaste this: Emotes by [Artklys](

✦ Commissions are delivered in order of arrival / order. 
✦ You reserve the right to set a deadline for your commission. This deadline must be disclosed prior to payment and a fee of 25% of the total value of the work will apply.
✦ I have the right to decline a project if there is too short of a time allowance. 
✦ Generally the commission will take from a few days to 3 monthes depending on how long my queue is and how complex your request/character(s) are.​
✦ If you have not notified me of a deadline, you must not send reminders. Reminders will be ignored.
✦ If you forgot to mention it, and you want to add a dead line and it is within my possibilities to add it, I will ask for the corresponding fee like any normal commission, which is 25% of the total value of the work.
✦ I reserve the right to cancel commissions if the client’s communication is not clear and punctual. Reoccurring communication issues will not be tolerated. Ex. Not responding for weeks at a time, not communicating if there are issues regarding payments, no references or ideas given, etc.
✦ No harassment over my work speed will be tolerated, regardless of the time that has passed.

✦ You reserve the right to be notified of any delays.
I feel very awkward to have to clarify this section, everyone should know how to behave, but I feel obliged to add this section.
✦ Don't ask me to trace. This is extremely disrespectful. 
✦ Rude, inappropriate, and/or non-constructive may result in blacklisting.
✦ I will cancel a project if I don't feel comfortable continuing it if I no longer feel comfortable with the client.
✦ I reserve the right to refund you the full amount paid if I no longer wish to work on your project for any reason only if I have not yet started the work.
✦ The result of violating any of these things is to be blacklisted and blocked. My fellow artists friends will also be notified privately to avoid potential complications in the future.
✦ Commissions are for personal use only unless otherwise discussed. Please let me know before I confirm the commission if you intend you use the artwork for commercial use as that will incur a higher fee. 
✦ By making the payment, you only earn the right to use them on streaming platforms and social media. You do not own the copyright to the art, only the right to use it on those platforms. l retain the copyright. The commissions are for personal use only, not commercial (the piece cannot be resold, etc.). If you'd like to purchase a commercial license, please send me a message. *
✦ I, Arklys, own the rights to the artwork. Do not claim the files as your own. I reserve the right take any appropriate legal action in the case of unauthorized use of my work.
✦ Only the buyer can use the artwork on their Twitch-Discord-social profile. 
✦ Do NOT share the files with third parties. 
✦ If your commission is not your OC, I might be selling prints of it in the future! As a gift, you will receive digital copies from other drawings!
* What is included in the commissions for personal and commercial use in my ToS?
✦ Personal use means the artwork won't generate any kind of economic profit (I don't take streaming as a commercial use, even if it can also give you economic returns). Streaming is INCLUDED in this section (with the exception of if the work is for a brand or corporate/company channel). Any artwork that is used for the exclusive use of streaming, enters in my personal use section. You can also use it as wallpaper/avatar in your social networks and non-profit sites (Twitter, Instagram, etc). Also the printing of the art if its only for personal use (not for sale) falls into this category.
✦ Commercial use is any use that could generate revenue in the form of merch. Whether it be stickers, prints, keychains, etc, any aspect of merch. It is PROHIBITED, the resale of the digital files. The only exception is if the customer is a vtuber and is graduating or reselling the complete adoptable package. Please notify and ask before doing so. If I accept the conditions, 50% of the value of the work must be paid for sharing the rights with the new owner.
Includes 4 sizes (28px, 56px, 112px, 224px) for emote.
 $40   USD       1 emote

Animated emotes (add-on optional):

✦ $10   USD       Just the cutting, ready to animate.
 $5-20   USD   Simple animated emote by me // 2-10 frames. 
【Cutting fee won't count if Ursula is chosen as your animator】
Includes 3 sizes (18px, 36px, 72px) for badge.
 $20     USD       1 badge                 
  +25% rush fee
  +25% privacy fee
  x2 commercial rights
Depending on complexity eg. number of characters,
character design complexity price may vary.

 Portraits: ~ $100 - 150 USD
 Half-body: ~ $150 - 250 USD
 Full-body: ~ $200 - 300 USD
These will have simple or no background.

 Full Illustration ~ $500 - 2000 USD
Additional rules for Pay to use & YCH commissions.

✦ The value of these emotes is reduced and its only for this special bundle. These emotes are for public acquisition, this means that anyone can use them as long as they pay for them. - The price and the info to commission personal emotes is  published in T.O.S.
✦ The prices listed are in USD!
✦ The payments can be done either through Paypal or Binance (USDT Tether & BTC).
✦ The prices are not negotiable.
✦ I retain the copyright, the commissions are for personal use only, not commercial (the piece cannot be resold, etc.).
✦ By making the payment, you only earn the right to use them on the platforms of Twitch - Discord - Twitter - Instagram.
✦ For commercial use the prices are different and we talk about it
✦ Due to the digital nature of this file, all purchases are final. Refunds and exchanges will not accepted, so please consider the product carefully before placing your order.
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